Thanks to its central position in the middle of UMBRIA, the Green Heart of ITALY, our home-town TODI provides the ideal starting point to reach all the most important wine and extra virgin olive oil areas as well as all the other historic towns like Assisi, Orvieto, Perugia, Spoleto and regional highlights in a short time.

Todi mythic foundation: an eagle, a meal, a tablecloth
The Medieval town of Todi rises up above a beautiful hill, more than 400 metres high, in the middle the Tiber Valley. Legend tells that intense activities for the construction of the town had already begun on the shores of the river. One day, while the workers were getting ready to eat their lunch, an eagle landed in their midst and carried off the tablecloth between its claws, transporting it to the highest peak of the hill. The inhabitants of the valley thought that it was a mark of destiny and so built the town of Todi on top of the hill instead.

Even in the legend, the connection between Todi and food seems to be so strong

The origin of the town's name is quite uncertain, but many believe it comes from the Etruscan/Umbrian word "tular" that means boundary, showing again Todi strategic position since ancient times.
At the beginning of the 90’s, the American University of Kentucky, based on a series of qualitative factors, elected Todi the Ideal City, a place in which nature and man, history and tradition are combined to a point of world-wide excellence.

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Stay in an ancient castle!
Castello di Izzalini Todi Resort offers 15 beautiful restored apartments in a 13th century former fortress few km from the centre of Todi.


Our food & wine experiences are set in the amazing environment that is the Italian region of UMBRIA and its warm-hearted, generous people. Situated in the centre of the Peninsula, Umbria is one of the smallest regions in Italy. Bordering Tuscany to the north-west,  for the 70% of the territory Umbria is covered by gentle rolling hillsfields, vineyards, olive groves and woods. It offers a great variety of geo-morphologic characteristics within its landscape, consisting of fertile valleys, mountain chains, plateaus and plains that cross the region from the west to east, giving it a unique and recognizable aspect.

The gentleness of the landscape, the still uncontaminated nature and its central geographic position have earned Umbria the name of the Green Heart of Italy.

The millenian history of Umbria has been influenced from a gastronomic point of view. A large part of the region was inhabited first by the indigenous population of Umbri, then by the Etruscans and by the Romans. These civilizations had a considerable effect on our modern table, especially in the use of legumes and cereals, above all wheat, legumes and spelt, farro, one of the first cereals to be introduced into the Mediterranean countries, olive oil and wine.
During the Middle Ages, food culture was kept and preserved mainly in the monasteries which produced tasty dishes paying attention to parsimony, making molto con poco (a lot with little).
The several faithful observances of religious festivals where the Church imposed fasting regimes or dictated an avoidance of meat, also influenced the daily cooking forcing it to resort to vegetable and greens and also to the fish from Trasimeno and the other Umbrian lakes.

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The tradition of pork production in Umbria is very ancient. The Italian word Norcino, the butcher expert in the making of all pork products, is derived from the Umbrian town of Norcia, well-known since the Middle Ages for the art of pork processing and curing. Salami, prosciutto, sausages as well as fresh meat grilled on the traditional fireplace are delicacies available all year round, everywhere in the region.

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