Crafts & Arts: Made in Umbria

Craftsmanship in Umbria has preserved the tradition and the ancient techniques of production. The origins go back to Medieval times and Renaissance when the so-called arti minori reach their greatest heights. The ceramics from Deruta, Gubbio and Gualdo Tadino;  the wrought iron in Città della Pieve, Cascia, Magione and Montone; the art of inlay decoration in Todi; the woven fabric in Perugia and Montefalco;  the lace in  Orvieto and the embroidery in Assisi and Città di Castello, are the most famous and iconic Umbrian crafts.

Cashmere: from the far East to the Heart of Italy

Cashmere comes from far away, as it is obtained from the wool of a special breed of goats living on the mountainous regions of central Asia. This fiber was discovered in the nineteenth century by the British who started importing it in Europe, England, France and Italy.
Since the Middle Ages, Umbria has been known for the art of weaving and the abilities of its artisans, their knowledge of raw materials and ancient techniques. When cashmere appeared in Europe, the region was ready to incorporate this new trend in weaving and fine materials.
Today the production of this prestigious fiber is very significant, reaching important levels of absolute excellence: the Umbrian district counts for about the 40% of the entire production of the finest Cashmere Made in Italy.

Shop in Todi

Our town Todi offers beautiful shops and art galleries where you can find the best of the Umbrian crafts & contemporary art.

Corso Cavour 69 | Todi
Home décor and contemporary ceramics, raku and porcelain. Ceramic workshops.

Stella Parcus – Wood inlays
Via Santa Maria in Camucia | Todi
Wood inlays inspired by tradition and modernity.

Casirinzio Cashmere
Corso Cavour 63 | Todi
Pure cashmere made-in-Todi. Sweaters, cardigans and fine accessories.

Tessitura Pardi
Piazza del Popolo 15 | Todi
Pardi’s fabrics from Montefalco are inspired by the fine artistic designs typical of the period from the twelfth to the sixteenth century. Cotton and linen tablecloth, towels, scarves.

Shop in Umbria

Grazia Maioliche
Ceramic Shop & Factory Museum
Via Tiberina Sud 181 | Deruta
Historic ceramic factory belonging to the same family since 1500. Grazia Maioliche is known and famous not only for the high quality of its production but also for the richness and extent of the decorations and the endless possibilities of personalization.

Laboratorio-Museo Giuditta Brozzetti
Via Berardi 5/6 | Perugia
Located in the thirteenth century church of San Francesco delle Donne, first Franciscan settlement in Perugia. It was founded by Giuditta Brozzetti in 1921 as a laboratory-school, with the aim of saving the Medieval and Renaissance Umbrian textile tradition. Today, after four generations, Mrs. Brozzetti's heirs Eleonora, Clara and Marta run this unique place, still using manual pedals from 1700 and jacquard looms from 1836.

Regola d’Arte
Decorative arts and restoration
Via della Repubblica 46 | Amelia |
Team of professional Italian interior decorators, restorers and fine art painters dedicated to creating and restoring the finest interiors. The artists use exclusively traditional techniques such as grisaglie, grottesca, faux marble, frescoes, egg tempera and oils. Regola d’Arte collaborates with expert designers and architects, shipping and personally installing their creations worldwide.

Via Anastasio de Filis 3 | Terni
Hand-made bow ties and fashion accessories for men and women 100% Made in Italy. Atelier of tailor-made accessories, made-to-measure garments, made entirely by hand following the most classical Italian artisan tradition, with the most exclusive and precious raw materials such as wool from Biella, silks from Como and Japan.

Cashmere Factories & Shops

Brunello Cucinelli  ◊
Piazza Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa 6 | Solomeo (Perugia)

Della Ciana  ◊ www.
Via Bufaloro 26 | Bufaloro (Perugia)

Fabiana Filippi  ◊
Via Bruno Buozzi 90 | Giano dell'Umbria

Tasselli Cashmere ◊
Corso Giacomo Matteotti 81 | Bevagna

In Todi on Monday morning shops in the historic centre are generally closed as well as any day from 1.30PM to 3.30PM for the lunch break (lifestyle is still traditional and “slow” in our town).

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