• Visits to Farms with little animals
  • Easy & involving Cooking Workshops
  • Easy Hiking & pic-nic along the Roman paths
  • Visits to kids-friendly Olive Oil Farms & Wineries
  • Available from 2 adults + 1 kid. Visits & Workshops in English
  • Seasons 2021 ♥ no extra costs ♥ on private tours: only your family and your kids

Umbria is made for family vacations! Stunning nature, super tasty food, fascinating ancient stories of Roman soldiers and beautiful Medieval princesses, little cozy towns and hamlets very safe for your children.
We have selected our best experiences tailored for families with kids: live a cheerful family adventure with your local experts Alessandra & Leonardo!

"Through the eyes of a child you will see the world as it should be"


Visit to an agriturismo to learn & get in touch with the cute local animals of Umbria: goats, sheep, pigs and piglets, chickens, turkeys, ducks &Co. and their happy free-ranged life. Following rich traditonal "KM ZERO" lunch Umbrian-style provided by the farm. Special menu for kids on request.


Easy walk along the ancient Via Flaminia and the archaelogical park of Carsulae to learn about the daily life of the ancient Romans in an involving and entertaining way. Following Umbrian style pic-nic with 'porchetta' (traditional roast pork) panini. Special sandwiches for kids on request - provided by our selected butchers.
Total 4 Km/2.5 miles. Certified Hiking Guide



Making pappardelle and tagliatelle, traditional hand-made pasta by flour and eggs and a tasty tomato sauce.
Demo on how to make lasagna and ravioli (stuffed pasta) and other formats.
Tasting of the pasta prepared. Fruit juice for the kids and wine for the adults.


Making Pizza al Testo, the Umbrian flat bread in two different versions and the iconic Focaccia or Pizza Romana to became a real Italian chef!
Tasting of the pizzas prepared. Fruit juice for the kids and wine for the adults.

Notes on the ingredients used: in our culinary workshops, we use standard wheat flour [farina di grano duro] containing gluten [no gluten free]. Eggs are also widely used.


Traveling with kids and enjoying the local specialities is possible. Among our partners, we have selected the family-run olive oil farms and wineries who offer the best experiences to adults as well to kids, starting from the location to the food offered in the tasting.

Special Kids-Friendly:

  • Family and Small Family Groups: our kids-friendly activities are available starting from 2 adults + 1 kid.
    Seasons 2021 no extra costs on private tours on request.
  • Slow Traveling: no rush in our tours. All the visits are scheduled to enjoy the experience, in contact with the local people and their daily life.
  • Meeting points in Todi (near Perugia), Bevagna, Montefalco, depending on the activity.

Click here for more detailed information on our Kids-Friendly activities running during your stay in Umbria!