Umbria: region number 1!

Italy is universally recognized as the Land of good food and Umbria is one of the 20 regions in the Belpaese who contributes more to this fame.
According to a recent research by TripAdvisor, Umbria has been rated region number one for the quality of its food proposals by the users of this platform, both international and Italian. The reason of such success stays in the authenticity of our culinary offer. Recipes and dishes served in any place, from a family-run trattoria to a more sophisticated restaurant, have always local people in mind: 'tourist traps' do not exist in Umbria.

Tips by locals!

Below you'll find just some of the best locations to eat in Umbria, according! This list, a work-in-progress, is only the result of some of our culinary escapes that we are happy to share with you. For the best places in our town Todi click here.
Buon appetito!

Avigliano Umbro

La Posta
Via G. Matteotti 19 | Avigliano Umbro | ph. 0744 933977
Restaurant & Organic Bakery
Located in the nice village of Avigliano Umbro, few km south of Todi, La Posta started about 30 years ago as a gelateria. In these decades the talented owners Paola and Piero changed it in a restaurant, recently adding a bakery and organic pizzeria. The cuisine follows the seasonality with typical dishes of the local gastronomy using fresh and top quality products. Pizza and bread are made only by organic stone-ground flours and natural yeast. Don’t miss their desserts: the origin of the place as a top level gelateria makes the difference! Good wine list.


Osteria del Posto
Via Calderini 15 | Corciano | ph. 075 517 3778
Located in Chiugiana di Corciano, an ancient hamlet close to Perugia. The inspiration at Osteria del Posto comes from the traditional recipes by the Umbrian mothers and grandmothers to evolve in a more personal and avant-garde cuisine. A new approach that takes care of the entire creative process, from the daily selection of the best local raw materials to an accurate plating to enjoy the amazing creations with all five senses. Excellent wine list including natural and biodynamic wines both from famous and micro producers.

Osteria a Priori
Via dei Priori 39 | Perugia historic centre | ph. 075 5727 0987
Wine bar, restaurant and shop
In Via dei Priori, one of the most important alley in the historic centre of Perugia, Osteria a Priori is the right place in town not only to taste but also to shop the best of the Umbrian productions, perfect for a quick wine tasting, a rich lunch or just to buy your favourite made-in-Umbria wine or food. In two floors, shop and wine bar on the ground floor, restaurant on the first. Huge wine list from all over the region.

Società Anonima
Via Bartolo 25 | Perugia historic centre | ph. 075 572 1899
Restaurant, wine & cocktail bar
Around the corner of Piazza IV Novembre and its iconic medieval fountain Fontana Maggiore, this very urban place is located in the building belonging to Società Anonima Birra Perugia, an old brewery and ice factory, today an informal place to eat, drink and socialize. A contemporary place with deep roots on the local tradition. Open from 6pm to 2am. Local wines, cocktails and, of course, craft beers.

La Forchetta Bistrot
Via Pontevecchio 60 | Perugia | ph.075 395009
Contemporary cuisine based on the best Mediterranean tradition. Tasty dishes, excellent raw materials, beautiful presentation, friendly and competent staff for this very nice restaurant located just outside the centre of Perugia. Elegant ambiance and outdoor garden in Summer. Very good wine list.


Osteria Dodici Rondini
Piazza XX Settembre | Foligno | ph. 0742 352100
Restaurant & wine bar
Authentic osteria (place where the wine is the protagonist), run by the owner & oste (host) Damiano. Here, in the heart of the old Foligno, you can really find a genuine atmosphere together with a huge selection of natural wines both from renowned and micro producers from Italy and abroad. Umbrian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Villa Roncalli
Viale Roma 25 | Foligno | ph. 0742 391091
Restaurant and boutique hotel, Villa Roncalli offers a renowned cuisine in a very refined ambiance. The villa, surrounded by cypress trees, is hidden in the green, invisible from the main street Viale Roma. Very elegant place, with beautiful frescoed rooms, also equipped with outdoor tables to eat in Summer, all surrounded by the silence of the park. The cuisine by Chef Maria Luisa Scolastra is a ‘one woman show’, a parallel culinary universe: classicism and refined mise en place, a reinterpretation of the tradition in a sublime way. Each meal at Villa Roncalli is a unique experience: the Chef takes the guests along an unforgettable journey from the starter to the dessert, in another time dimension.


Le Barbatelle
Corso Giacomo Matteotti 32 | Bevagna | ph. 333 297 6785
Wine Bar Enoteca
The perfect wine bar: huge wine options including Umbrian and national wines, craft beers, creative and tempting menu, based on fresh ingredients only from local producers and farmers, all put together with great passion. Lovely place, furnished with style. Beautiful tables along the Medieval alley to enjoy the village mood. Unmissable stop from an easy aperitivo to a tasty meal.

Antiche Sere
Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi 10 | Bevagna | ph. 0742 361938
Restaurant - Osteria
Little osteria with high quality products. Very informal and familiar ambiance, this place few metres from one of the main gates of Bevagna, Porta Cannara, offers a genuine local cuisine made by fresh and seasonal ingredients. In Summer it is possible to enjoy the outdoor cozy patio. Good wine list.


Re Tartù
Via Ringhiera Umbra 47 | Montefalco | ph. 0742 378263
A very funny and smart "pun" the name of this very nice restaurant in the historic centre of Montefalco. Re Artù (King Arthur) becomes Re Tartù, King Truffl', His Majesty of The Umbrian Tables. Perfect place for all the lovers of local cuisine and especially for all the foodies who cannot resist the aroma and the unique flavor of a jewel of the regional tradition: the truffle, black & white. Beautiful intimate garden in Summer. Excellent wine list.

Piazza del Comune 14 | Montefalco | ph. 0742 378558
Restaurant & wine bar
One of the first wine bar in Umbria, L’ Alchimista offers a huge options of local labels to pair with the typical dishes of this famous wine area. Family-run restaurant, intimate ambiance with a very nice dehors to admire the beautiful piazza in Summer.

Via Ringhiera Umbra 7 | Montefalco | ph. 349 7931383
Restaurant - Osteria
Intimate little restaurant offers excellent products personally selected by the owner. Genuine and seasonal products, coming from local farms and wineries. The menu includes a good variety of meat, goat cheeses, truffle, home-made pasta. Don’t miss their tartare from Chianina meat. Good wine list.


Bar Montanucci
Corso Cavour 21 | Orvieto | ph. 0763 341261
Bar, pastry shop & chocolaterie
Historic place in the heart of Orvieto, Bar Montanucci has been proudly making caffè and cappuccino each morning for more than a century. Fantastic chocolates and pastries including the famous torta al semolino, iconic cake symbol of this unique place. Bar Montucci also offers a huge choice for lunch and dinner options surrounded by the warm atmosphere of the wooden art-works making this Orvietan café so special.

Osteria da Mamma Angela
Piazza del Popolo 2 | Orvieto | 0763 342790
Classic menus, with the best traditional Orvietan and Umbrian dishes, always using fresh and genuine products, such as the renowned San Venanzo cold cuts, local cheeses, hand-made pasta like the umbrichelli, traditional kind of pasta made by flour and water, and tasty desserts, entirely made by Mamma Angela. Very nice dehors to eat outside on the stunning Piazza del Popolo. Excellent wine list.

Il Malandrino Bistrot
Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 20 | Orvieto | ph. 0763 344315
Restaurant & Lounge Bar
Located few metres from the central Piazza del Comune, Il Malandrino Bistrot is a restaurant, lounge bar & Jazz Club. Young and dynamic ambiance, outdoor tables during Summer. Orvietan and Mediterranean cuisine. Don’t miss their pollo (chicken) al curry. Excellent wine list including many bollicine (sparkling wines).

Gastronomia Aronne
Corso Cavour 101 | Orvieto | ph. 0763 340014
Restaurant & take away
Not only a take-away, but also a little comfy place where it is possible to enjoy a quick&tasty lunch in the old town. Excellent local prosciutto and cold cuts, cheeses and very good options of 'piatti del giorno' based on the best Orvietan home tradition. Don’t miss their baccalà (cod fish) all’orvietana. Good wine list.

La Bottega del Mastro Norcino
Via Angelo Costanzi 61 | Orvieto Scalo | ph. 0763 305517
Salami &Co. shop where it is also possible to comfortably sit and enjoy their super home-made pork specialities and tasty first courses. Located at Orvieto Scalo close to the highway and railway station, it is the perfect fast food Umbrian style.

In Umbria many restaurants, wine-bars and bars could be closed on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday (depending on the day they choose for the weekly closing), especially during the off-season in Fall/Winter/early Spring. Some restaurants have few tables, we always suggest to book in advance. Lunch is in general not provided before 12.30AM and dinner before 7.30PM.
In Italy on Monday museums and monuments are normally closed. Groceries stores/supermakets near the historic centres are open from Monday to Saturday no-stop from 8.30AM to 7.30PM, the biggest ones are also open all day on Sunday.

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