The tradition

In the typical cuisine from Todi, it is possible to discern subtle shades of difference from the main Umbrian tradition, that emphasize peculiar diversities of this specific locality.
In ancient times the geophysical position of the town forced its inhabitants to prepare their meals using the natural resources available, such as wild mushrooms, truffle, asparagus, game (wild boars, hares and birds) and pork. Bread, legumes, cured pork meat and olive oil are the four essential ingredients that make our cuisine so simple and special at the same time.
In Todi the traditional cooking method is allo spiedo, roasting on a spit on the fireplace both pork, like sausages and ribs, and wild birds and chickens, giving a unique “smoked” taste to the meat. Among all the specialities there is a dish that it is typical only in our town: palomba alla ghiotta, a sort of wild pigeon, first turned on the spit, then cooked in a terracotta pot. A long preparation, an ancient ritual, still preserved by local cooks.


Every restaurant, trattoria and wine-bar in town pays homage to the ancient culinary heritage in different ways with a common element: the quality and the origin of the raw material. Even snacks like gelato, slices of pizza, crêpes are made only by fresh and natural ingredients.

For this reason after our tours we suggest to take a walk in Todi historic centre, to admire our beautiful monuments and to taste our great cuisine!
The list below is just a little sample of what you can find in Todi including some of our favorite places.
Buon appetito!

Vineria San Fortunato
Via dei Condotti - ph. 075 3721180
Wine-bar & restaurant
Managed by the friendly oste Giuseppe and his cousin Rita, it is located close to the stairs of San Fortunato Church. Excellent wine list of Umbrians wines and very good Italian and international options. Cold cuts, pasta and more for an easy and tasty meal. In Spring/Summer it is possible to dine out under the patio along the medieval stairs. Tagliere (cold cuts and cheeses) + wine is provided starting from around 11.30AM up to late evening.

Via San Bonaventura 5 - ph. 075 4658180
Osteria - Café
A new gastronomic adventure, opened in July 2019. Located in the heart of the town: Piazza del Popolo, the main square. Highlight of the restaurant is the fireplace where all kinds of traditional meat is carefully grilled, together with the forno a legna, wood-fired oven, hosting other great local specialities from lasagna, cannelloni to stuffed rabbit, guinea fowl, etc. etc. Vegetarian and seasonal options available, cocktails and long-drinks. Good wine list. Very beautiful ambiance, result of a very elegant restoration of a former ancient cellar. Outdoor tables also in the piazza, surrounded by the most magnificent medieval monuments of Todi.

Enoteca Oberdan
Via A.Ciuffelli 22 - ph. 075 8945409
Wine-bar & restaurant
Enoteca Oberdan offers special menus based on the Umbrian and Italian culinary tradition. Wine list rich of organic and "natural" wines from all over Italy. Don’t miss fried artichokes, cod-fish and zucchini flowers, when in season. In Spring/Summer it is possible to dine out surrounded by the magical atmosphere of Giardini Oberdan.

Ristorante Jacopone (da Peppino)
Piazza Jacopone 3 - ph. 075 894236
Historic trattoria, opened by the mythical local cook Peppino more than 50 years ago, today run by his heirs. Genuine and homey cuisine focused on local products and recipes. Among the traditional dishes based on home-made pasta and Todi-style grilled meat, don't miss the special Pasticcio di Jacopone, a first course created by Peppino himself in the 60's, when this dish was considered a very innovative and modern preparation. Pasticcio is a kind of large ravioli, cut into slices and then dressed with a tasty ragù sauce.

Trattoria da Piero e Silvana
Via G. Matteotti 91 - ph. 075 8944633
Trattoria & Pizzeria
Located close to the Medieval gate of Porta Romana, the arches and the old roofs of this cozy trattoria, makes this place picturesque and welcoming place. Here guests can find the kindness and the warm atmosphere of the family running. The cuisine is exquisitely genuine and prepared by the owner, Silvana. Very nice pizzas (only for dinner). Excellent quality/price ratio.

Bacio di Latte
Piazza del Popolo
Bar & Gelateria
On the left of the Cathedral, in the main Piazza, this pastry shop and gelateria offers great daily fresh baked croissants, Italian pastries and dozens of different gelato flavours, made only by natural ingredients. Excellent espresso and cappuccino, that will make you forget all the Starbucks stuff. Outdoor café open all year round.

Il Fondaco
Via A.Ciuffelli 39
Cocktail bar
Located just in front of public gardens Giardini Oberdan, the young but very professional staff at Il Fondaco offers a very good list of all the IBA (International Bartending Association) cocktails from the classic Gin Tonic to the very Italian Spritz or Negroni. Young and dynamic ambiance: in Summer in the evenings DJ sets and live music at the outdoor area. Very comfy indoor sala da té to sip a hot tea in a Autumn day.

Dige's Pizza
Piazza Jacopone 7
Pizza al taglio (sliced pizzas) and take away.
Lovers of pizza, this is your address! The pizzas at Dige's are definitely the best in town - and not only. From the classic Margherita (mozzarella and tomato) to the local ones dressed with pork sausages, greens and seasonal vegetable, the peculiarity of these pizzas is given by the use of first choice condiments, a long natural leavening of the dough (48 hours) and the use of special flour with the addition of soy. As a pizza al taglio place, Dige's is open from the morning to the late afternoon, perfect for a quick and tasty lunch or snack.


In Todi many restaurants, wine-bars and bars could be closed on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday (depending on the day they choose for the weekly closing), especially during the off-season in Fall/Winter/early Spring. Some restaurants have few tables, we always suggest to book in advance. Lunch is in general not provided before 12.30AM and dinner before 7.30PM.
In Italy on Monday museums and monuments are normally closed. In Todi on Monday morning shops in the historic centre are generally closed as well as any day from 1.30PM to 3.30PM for the lunch break (lifestyle is still traditional and “slow” in our town). Groceries stores/supermakets near the centre are open from Monday to Saturday no-stop from 8.30AM to 7.30PM, the biggest ones are also open all day on Sunday.

Every Monday morning (8-12am) in Piazzale degli Atti, close to Porta Fratta gate, small farmers’ market (vegetable and fruit produced locally).
On Saturdays morning (8-12am) in front of the church of Santa Maria della Consolazione, traditional market: from houseware to clothes, vegetable, fruit, cheeses and salumi, including the unmissable porchetta roast pork sandwich.

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