NEWS: #iostoacasa – I stay home, I stay strong!

Ciao Amici! First of all we’d like again reassuring all our friends, guests and supporters that both Leonardo and I and our families are fine. Yesterday night the Italian government has decided to extend the […]


EASTER CELEBRATIONS – FOOD TRADITIONS In Umbria during Easter time there are traditional liturgic rites and religious events. Holy Week Celebrations take place in almost every town in Umbria, but Assisi still remains the most […]

“MACCHERONI DOLCI” typical Autumn dessert

1st November in Italy is the holiday of “Tutti i Santi”, while the 2nd is “I Morti” and it is dedicated to our desappeared relatives. On the 1st and the 2nd, Italians go to the […]

Grape harvesting 10 days earlier in all over Italy

This year the grape havesting will be brought forward (around 10 days) because of the effects of the very hot Summer. According to Coldiretti (Italian Association of Farmers) the Vendemmia (=grape harvesting) 2009 should be […]


DO YOU KNOW WHAT “COPPA” IS??If you look up in the dictionary the word “coppa” you will probably find: cup, trophy,glass, bowl…etc. In Umbria “coppa” is a very special product of our “norcineria” (specialist salami […]