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A Spring full of Hope

Another long and confined Winter has gone, the first flowers are blooming and, above all, it looks like that the vaccination campaign has finally started here in Italy. From the news and from some of you, we are reading that the vaccination rollout is going quite fast and with good success “across the seas” and we are very happy to hear that! The end of the tunnel seems to be visible and we hope to meet up with you in person here as soon as travelling in safety is possible again.

What’s new on our side? Keep reading!

olive pruningSpring has sprung: works at our olive orchard – pruning
Spring always marks the beginning of new life and, for those who have an orchard or simply a garden, the re-start of the seasonal works. One of the most important works in the management of an olive orchard (small or big, it doesn’t matter) is the annual pruning.
In Umbria this activity begins from half February up to the half of April, when the trees – that are evergreen – are still dormant. The pruning is crucial to keep the health of the olive trees and, possibly, a steady olive production. The work to do for us is really a lot this Spring: last year, right in this period as Italy was in the strictest lock-down of the Western world, we were not allowed to reach our country-home [just 8 km from the centre of Todi] and to gather our three families together. Given that we grow olive just as a hobby, not for business, last year pruning was considered by the authorities a not essential activity to do. Therefore the olive trees grew wild for an entire year: double work now. Like for the olive picking last October, as the Covid-19 advises and restrictions are still in place, we are working only the two of us with our father. Of course, we are going very slow, but it’s been nice to gather again outdoor and to have a lot of time to do it, without rushing as usual, despite all.

Trekking WInter in UmbriaWinter hikes: our forest bathing therapy

During this long Winter lived up&down with the restrictions of the “yellow-orange-red” areas, differently from last year, we were allowed, in any case, to take walks within the regional borders or at least, the municipality. It’s been a great opportunity not only to inspect new trails and set new itineraries, but it’s been so important, above all, for our mental health. After 12+ months on trying to fight Covid-19 we cannot lie: we, Italians, are really exhausted. Walking in the woods for half day, far away form the news and social media, listening only to the silence of our forests, it’s been really healing.
We are sure that hiking will be a very successful activity in the near future not only for the benefits for our body, but especially for the whole mental aspect, as a help to overcome the trauma caused on different levels, in all of us, by the pandemic.

Trekking for locals and expatsTrekking for locals and expats in Todi and surroudings

In response of many requests, we are going to arrange a calendar of excursions in the nearby woods as soon as Umbria becomes again “zona gialla”.
If you’d like taking part to our walks, we have opened a Facebook Group where we are posting all the news and updates. Click here to join or just simply drop an email.

Sagrantino MontefalcoGreat news from Montefalco: Umbria on the wine label

For all the wine lovers and Umbria supporters, the wine area of Montefalco, home of the famous Sagrantino and Montefalco Rosso, have a great new we are happy to share with you! We are sure that this important step will help a lot to promote our region and therefore all of us in the wine tourism business.
The members of the Consortium for the Protection of Montefalco Wines has just approved the modification of the DOC Montefalco and DOCG Montefalco Sagrantino regulations which introduces the possibility for producers to mention the regional geographical indication on the wine label. The goal of this important new is to market much better the whole terroir of Umbria, as well as to enhance the cooperation between the different areas of production in the region, especially in terms of promoting the whole Umbrian wine sector. Now, the wineries have the possibility of adding the word “Umbria” on the label, in addition to the other information required by the regulations, so as to promote the regional territory starting from the release of the wine on the market, providing important information on the geographical origin of the wines and strengthening à especially with regard to the foreign market and international consumers – the identification with one of the Italian regions most loved by the international tourists”. [Official note by the Consorzio Tutela Vini Montefalco]

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