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New activities, Gift Cards, EVOO 2020 >>fast forward!

Despite all the issues and a life that for all of us it’s very similar to a roller coaster, our top news for the upcoming months, looking forward for a new beginning in “real life” soon!

Leonardo Certified Hiking Guide for Umbria and Italy!

We are very happy to inform you that, despite the global pandemic and all the “stops-and-go” in our Country, Leonardo has successfully passed the exam to get the certification of Guida Ambientale Escursionistica – Hiking Guide and Heritage Interpreter licensed for Umbria and Italy.

Leonardo has already planned several itineraries and organized some successful excursions for Italian hikers during the last Summer and early Fall. We are planning to offer for the season 2021 all kind of experiences, from very easy hikes for families with kids, to more adventurous trails for experts, immersed in the stunning Nature of Umbria!

New Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2020 – a great Year for Umbria…and us!

Our olive oil family campaign 2020 has just finished! From our 80 olive trees (old and young), we got in total 830 kilograms corresponding to 82 liters of our grown, hand-picked super organic cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil!!
A very exceptional Year in the region and definitely one of the best ones for us, in 28 years our family owns the little property in the countryside of Todi.
It took about 2 weeks to pick it – some breaks in between – working mainly just in four. We pressed it in two times, to take to the mill the most perfect and fresh olives.This year because all the Covid19 advises, we have preferred not to involve our friends, who usually come to lend a hand, a very common habit in Umbria since centuries in the rural tradition.

Despite we’ve been a little bit sad not to share these moments with them, we are very proud that we have done all the work by ourselves! Food has another flavour and, above all, value, when you totally make it!
As we produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil only for hobby, for our family, we don’t sell it, but if you’re dreaming of having this incredible Umbrian speciality right on your table, just contact us and we’ll get you in touch with our partners at the local farms who are ready to ship in safety worldwide!

Our “virtual activities” on IGTV Instagram

2020 will be recorded as the year of Zoom and On-line Life.
We have discussed a lot in the last months whether or not arranging some on-line live seminars or classes, but we have decided not going in this direction.
Our strength has always been in the real LIFE, in sharing our passion with you here in our Umbria.
The emotions given by this unique place called Umbria cannot be replaced via a screen. We feel that it would be like a very bad copy of us to re-arrange our activities in this way.

Connect to IGTVHowever, in these months we’ve filmed some short videos, both on Leonardo’s hikes and on our olive oil production and we are planning to add more in the next weeks and months on our life here in Umbria.

All the videos are always available on our Instagram IGTV that you can watch on the Instagram application or via pc at the link at the end of this post.

GIFT CARD LImited Edition 2020+Paper Book on Todi

GiftCards 2020In such special year, we are happy to add to our Gift Cards 2020 another gift: a paper book on Todi, published this Summer by the prestigious national newspaper “La Repubblica”and distributed via the major Italian bookstores.

The book [354 pages] in English [professionally translated] is not just a simple guide book on the beauty of Todi and its surroundings, but it also consists of many tales and stories by international testimonials who have chosen Todi as their second home.

We’ve been also included as one of the top resources for the international travelers!

A very nice book to read in this upcoming Winter to live again beautiful memories or – even better – start dreaming of your next vacation in our wonderful town and region!


This year our GIFT CARD includes:

  • The guide book on Todi (paper) English version – by La Repubblica
  • Half Day Wine/EVOO Tour or a Cooking Class or a HD Hike for 2 people

The guide book will be shipped by us directly to your home including a printed gift certificate on a “winey” paper. The voucher will stay open for the next 3 years to come and you can give it to anyone, anytime.
The Gift Card 2020 can be always upgraded to a full day activity or to other activities for more participants.

***The offer is valid while book stocks last**

Contact us for more information!

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