Ripartiamo – Restart ITALIA

Frecce Tricolori over Assisi – ph. credits TuttoggiInfo

This is the post we’ve been waiting and dreaming to write for three long months: finally this night Italy reopens with no restrictions its regional borders and to the international arrivals – at the moment – from EU/Schengen area, UK, Monaco and Andorra.
Next step should be –  hopefully –  June 15.

The date is also very symbolic as June 2 is the celebration of the Italian Republic born in 1946, after the terrible years of WWII.

In these last weeks, from May 14 step by step, piano piano, we we’ve got back to our lives, being allowed to visit not only just relatives, but also friends, to finally have a haircut, to order a caffé at the bar counters and to sit in restaurants. Despite the mandatory and still necessary rules, like wearing masks and paying attention to the 1 meter social distance, we enjoyed this return to usual habits so so so much. Pure joy.

The easing in the lockdown has been obviously connected to the very good performance of the data monitored by the Ministry of Health.
Umbria in particular has always been one of the most virtuous regions, with a very limited number of patients and a high sense of respect for the very strict rules even in the nightmare of phase 1, where we were confined “in our homes max 200-mt-from home” for 54 endless days.

Thanks to our position, in the centre of Italy, but far from the major highways and traffic hubs, landlocked Umbria has always been a fortunate island even during the hardest days of the national pandemic. Our town Todi has been C-free since March 27, one of the first Municipalities in Italy to reach this ambitious goal.
In these days the Region of Umbria has released a series of commercials for the major national TV channels whose claim is “Umbria Bella e Sicura“, Umbria Beautiful and Safe. We like it a lot!

NYTimes on our local High School May 27,2020

The great performance and peculiarity of Umbria in facing the emergency has been even reported last May 27, on The New York Times with regard to our local Istituto Agrario, High School for Agriculture in Todi, whose students are going to take their final exam next month sitting under the olive trees belonging to the school.

Frecce Tricolori – Italy Tour

This year the celebration of June 2 Republic Day, started earlier last week with the breathtaking tour by Frecce Tricolori, the Italian Air Force acrobatic demonstration team.
The tour touched the skies of all Italy from Milano to Venezia, from Turin to Florence and to Sardinia, from Genova down to Sicily.
On May 26th they were in Umbria over Perugia and Assisi.

Tours and Activities – Tourism

The Government is allowing all the businesses to re-start including guided tours and visit to wineries and farms. Pre-booking will be mandatory [normal for us] and regarding our proposals, very few changes will be made. We’ve always worked with private and very small groups, giving always importance to the outdoor part of the tour in the vineyards and orchards, taking care of our guests’ comfort and safety.
In the next weeks we are going to visit all our partners: we miss them so much!
Stay in touch with us on our social media to hear all the news directly from them and to see how they are re-organizing their work and spaces.

“Umbria is large 8,464.22 square km, the population is 882,015 inhabitants: about 100 inhabitants per square km, therefore if we’d leave all together our homes, we could keep 100 metres [328 feet] of social distance from each other”

Starting from this funny but true statement, we are also moving forward.
Together with our Wine & Food Experiences, we are very happy to finally be able to set a date for the official beginning of our new project we’ve been working hard for more than two years:
Hiking & Urban Hiking: involving walks to discover the hidden wild treasures of Todi and Umbria, all available from September 2020. 100% Outdoor Activities: relaxing and safe embraced by Nature.

Special Edition 2020-21

Following the official claim Umbria Beautiful and Safe, for the entire tourist seasons 2020-21 we will host only private services starting as usual from just 2 participants:  only your family and your friends, but with no extra costs.

Buona Festa della Repubblica! Ripartiamo!

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