Andrà tutto bene – Everything will be all right

by Cloe Mallozzi, one of the junior members of our team

Andrà tutto bene – Everything will be all right

The first week of total lockdown has finished and another one is coming. A very difficult one, according to the experts as the results of these restrictions will be, hopefully, visible not earlier than 15 days.

Many of you are asking how is going and what we’re doing (60 million of people!) all day self-locked at home.

Well, as we’ve been always honest with you, we can say that it is not so easy. In a night, at the beginning of the week, our freedom as citizens of a modern Western democracy has been suspended. We were the first to do so in Europe. For a vital cause, but suspended. We had to re-plan our life completely, trying to find a reason to wake up every morning, even in this forced confinement.

Luckily, Italians are famous to do their best in the most difficult situations, its carved in our DNA, since centuries.
During this hard week, there were many flashmobs all over the Country, people singing from their balconies, just to have a moment of happiness and relief in this extremely hard time. People are also adorning their windows with the Tricolore, national flag, trying to feel more a sense of common fight against this invisible enemy.

Thanks to the web, networks of parents and school teachers are trying to make the little ones active and happy despite the situation. One of the most successful project is the “Andrà Tutto Bene”  – Everything will be all right –  rainbow drawing, that has now become the symbol of this national fight.

The funny side of it (because it is very important to try to be calm)  is that, including us here in Umbria, we are cooking and cooking and cooking. Being stuck at home 24/7, Italians are doing the activity that they like most: eating. On the web there’s now a joke about it: instead of the claim “Andrà tutto bene”, there’s “Andrà tutto stretto”  – Everything will be tight, meaning our clothes, due to the food overload.

What is going to happen?
This upcoming week will be very hard for our Country, dear friends, probably one of the hardest in the history of our Republic, since the end of WWII,  but we assure you that we are staying strong, we ARE strong!
What we can suggest you from here, is taking this situation very seriously. It is not a flu and the WHO just last week has declared it a pandemia, meaning that COVID19 is now everywhere, all over the planet.
Politicians in different countries are reacting in different ways to face this problem, but the problem is the same as the virus attacks all the human beings, it’s no more a fact of single nations.

For this reason by the Italian front, we just can advise you to be careful. Extremely careful.

Ciao! A virtual hug to all from Todi, Umbria

Alessandra & Leonardo


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