2017 belongs to us! Umbria proud and resilient

Dear Friends and Followers,

2016 has been a peculiar year for Umbria: in the first 9 months tourism has increased around the 4% [+3,96 arrivals*] in our region, data that clearly show the success of this destination, more and more in the international travellers’ “bucket list”. [*official data Regione Umbria www.regione.umbria.it]
At the same time 2016 has been also unforgettable for Umbria  for the dramatic earthquakes that have seriously damaged -on October 30th- the ancient town of Norcia and the Apennine villages, breaking our hearts.
These events, very tragic,  have caused very important problems to the economy of the other  99% of Umbria, untouched by the quake, but compromised by the misinformation by the media which have broadcast for weeks unreal news, showing devastation all over Central Italy, while the part affected was just a very small [although beautiful] area located on the  South-Eastern border of the region.


While most of the media exploited the tragedy, despite the pain for the loss of important monuments and their homes, “Norcini” [people from Norcia] have never left their home-town, keeping feeding their animals, re-opening their little factories of prosciutto and cured meat and their shops, when possible. A great example of resilience for all of us.
And that’s not all. Few days ago on December 22th, the main part of the historic centre of the town has already been re-opened. All the damaged buildings have already been reinforced, all the ruins removed and the masterpieces of art secured in other regional museums.
Those who have visited our region and fell in love with it and the people, know very well how strong and proud Umbrians are. This positive attitude in these difficult events is just another evidence of the immense love and respect that we have for our Land. For our region and the other areas of Central Italy, an influx of tourism right now and in the upcoming tourist season 2017 would help the local economy and the fund rebuilding efforts to bring Norcia and the other places back to their original magnificence.

Todi and the rest of Umbria is completely ready for visitors. For this festive period our municipality in collaboration with local associations has set a very nice ice-skating rink in the main Piazza, already opened to locals and tourists.
This year there’s also a web-cam on our historic centre, in case you’d like taking a look [link below] to our beautiful town in this special time of the year.

Regarding our company, all our wine&food tours are running as usual and we are ready to welcome you as always!

From the Green Heart of Italy, proud and resilient, our best wishes for a wonderful 2017!

Buon Anno!

Alessandra and Leonardo
The Discovering Umbria – sister&brother team