Extra Virgin Resurrection

You’ve probably heard about all those rumors on the real quality of [some] extra virgin olive oils produced in our Country.

Today a very nice “reply” has been posted on the social media, 15 slides to put in a good word those who work every single day to offer us a top level product: Extra Virgin Resurrection.

At the moment the slides that you can find here Extra Virgin Resurrection are only in Italian, but we are sure that the friendly graphics can help you to understand the message that is basically the following:

In Italy more than 500 different olive trees varieties are cultivated. These ones make the taste of regional cuisine so different and so special”

Olive growers are the sentinels of this huge heritage”

“Biodiversity [our peninsula has the highest number and density of both animal and plant species in the European Union], amazing landscapes, special food is our Great Beauty, it is our power”

Olive growers and oil mills specialists are another important heritage: they are able to put together ancient knowledge with new technologies

How the consumers can be protected by frauds? More controls, but the label itself is not a warranty. The answer is very easy: making a link (it could be a QR code for example,) between the producer and the consumer [like a video that shows all the process]:  the producer put his/her on face on his/her own product”

We strongly believe in this last sentence.
In our extra virgin olive oil tours you can taste high-end top quality olive oils, visit the olive grove and the oil press and, above all, meet directly the producers, purchasing your favourite oil at the farm.
Because the Discovering Umbria staff and all our partners at the olive oil farms are happy and proud to put our faces on on such amazing products!

We all are looking forward to your visit in our Umbria!

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