Escaping the heat on Martani Mountains

View on Martani Mountains from my window in Todi

For those who work to make your stay in Umbria your perfect unforgettable holiday, escaping Summer heat and spending some days at the seaside is… a sort of challenge. But. We are so lucky to live in a region that year by year has been chosen by more and more people for their vacation, a destination far from the sea, but full of beautiful places where it is possible to escape the heat – typical in August – of our beloved countryside and the red-hot ancient stones of our breathtaking art towns.

One of my favourite part is Martani Mountains located in the centre of Umbria, from the south to the north for about 45 km between the provinces of Perugia and Terni. 
Well...I have to say - like all the other people of my generation - that I love Monti Martani basically because they always bring to my mind my childhood.
In the early 80s, when going on vacation was still considered, at that time, a luxury, these close mountains offered young parents the opportunity for a day-off with their family or even a place to stay for a week. 
In that period infact "staycation" had not the fancy meaning that this new word has today....
Just imagine that my parents camped our tent in a camping in Giano dell'Umbria, that is less than 30 km from Todi and, my brother and I, we were used to spend there entire weeks with them or with our granny when they had to work.
Today, if I told my 8yr old niece that I went, at her age, on vacation here in Umbria, she would probably think that I'm a liar.... 
I've recently had the opportunity -at the beginning of Summer- to enjoy again I Martani thanks to a nice event organized by the local board of health and the association Verde Todi for the promotion of well being and healthy life-style.
When I was up there, walking among the cows, taking pictures of the beautiful wild flowers and... after the glorious lunch at Rifugio San Gaspare, I immediately realized that Martani Mountains have not changed at all since my childhood, an untouched piece of Umbria to protect and to love.
Same landscape, same old “friends”…nothing has changed
The hill of Todi in the distance looks like Lilliput


Flowers and Nature



The amazing traditional food at Rifugio San Gaspare



Rifugio San Gaspare Loc. Monti Martani- 06030 Giano dell’Umbria (PG)
Tel. 0742 90189/ 347 2562775 (better reserving a table in advance)
For those who like walking and hiking Martani Montains offer a network of paths and trails. Here some itineraries (in Italian):
Martani Trekking from Massa Martana.