Italy’s hidden treasure: Umbria Rocks! Let Me Count the Ways…(But don’t tell anyone)

Umbria made another victim: Penny Bell from Canada, we had the great pleasure to meet here in Todi during her stay in our town some weeks ago.
Here her impression we are so happy to post and to share on our blog, of course! 
Grazie mille Penny! 
Umbria – ph. credit Penny Bell
This spring, my husband and I ( from Toronto, Canada) wanted to rent a house in Italy with our four children and their spouses, somewhere where we had never been, somewhere not touristy, and somewhere we all would love (especially my husband who is an obsessive  and competitive photographer). 
We lucked into Umbria, and we are hooked for life. 
 Unlike Tuscany, which is gently rolling and cultivated, Umbria is wilder and has landscapes that take your breath away: lushly forested hills and mountains, gorgeous rolling valleys dotted with old farmhouses surrounded by small vineyards and olive orchards, beautiful ancient hilltop towns still very liveable and happening (like Todi!!), where Etruscan walls are piled on Roman walls that are piled on Medieval walls that are topped with apartments old and newly renovated by locals and people from all over the world who have fallen in love with Umbria...
Todi – ph. credit  Penny Bell
 ...locally grown and produced fresh food to die for (simple, seasonal, tasty, incredibly good)..some of my favourites:  truffles, fresh wild asparagus, pecorino cheese of endless variety, wonderful salamis, sausages, and cured meats, succulent tiny lamb chops like I've never eaten before, roasted wild boar stew, hearty bean soups, spring vegetable stew with delicious green round beans, the regional wines (like the Orvieto white from the Grechetto grape and the Sagrantino reds), and the famous Umbrian olive oil that sends me into ecstasies (and it has the highest amount of antioxidants of any olive oil, great for the skin!)...

Todi - ph. credit  Penny Bell

... very friendly and welcoming people, proud of their unique Umbrian culture, and really happy to share it with outsiders ( perhaps because Umbria is still off the beaten path, and you never see hordes of tourists here or tour buses clogging the roads); everything is less expensive here than in other parts of Italy (like Tuscany); and a slow pace of life, where each moment is treasured for what it has to offer, and Umbria has so much to offer. We can't wait to return and explore more of this wonderful place!

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