When the postman brings love #caprai4love

 Please watch this video first:

Stunning isn’t it?
But that’s not all. The project that is beyond this video is…for Umbrians like us…yes….touching and moving…

#caprai4love means bringing back a piece of history to Montefalco:

“In Montelfalco, we have a dream: retrieving the letter written by the painter Benozzo Gozzoli in 1452 which proved the love and loyalty of the artist for the city.

The parchment on which Benozzo Gozzoli wrote in his own hand his letter to Lord Brancacci Fiorentino is now owned by an auction house and will be put on sale. Cruciani, known throughout the world for its bracelets, has created a special edition bracelet that will be on sale from April 7th. The proceeds from the sale will go to the Academy of Culture in Montefalco and will be spent to acquire the letter of Benozzo Gozzoli, thus returning to the town of Montefalco an important piece of its history.
#caprai4love is sponsored by the Accademia di Montefalco for history, art and local culture, Cruciani, in collaboration with the Municipality of Montefalco, Montefalco Wine Consortium, the Strada del Sagrantino, Caprai and the Museum of San Francesco di Montefalco”.

Help Umbria to bring back a piece of its history.

  #caprai4love bracelets just delivered 🙂

The bracelets will be on sale also on Cruciani website starting from April 7 2013.
For more information visit/contact Arnaldo Caprai Winery:  http://www.arnaldocaprai.it/

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