2012 : “a rich winy taste”

When you study for almost two years, tasting and carefully examining hundreds of wines from Italy, France, Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand and South America, trying to remember all the DOCs and DOCGs areas in Italy and at least all the French AOCs and, above all, to put in your mind all the thousand kinds of different grapes cultivated in Italy and abroad and the thousand wines that the thousand grapes compose, when you have to pass 3 different stages of examination, you are extremely happy and thrilled when it’s your turn. Finally.

It was my turn during the last days of 2011, when I was called by my mentors at FISAR Orvieto to serve the wines as Certified Sommelier (I love saying it: certified, it means that somebody certified that I am officially authorized not only to drink – now better saying to “study” wines ^_^ – but also to talk, discuss and elegantly pouring you a glass of wine) during the last edition of Umbria Jazz Winter in Orvieto.

I remember some years ago when I visited the wine fairs and events both for my personal interest and for my work as a food&wine tour organizer, how envious I was of that elegant uniform, of those composed gestures in pouring guests a wine, and, especially of all that huge wine knowledge.

Joking aside and apart from the poetry that, beyond dubt, is connected to the World of the Wine, I think that being a wine professional can give another additional guarantee to the travellers that will choose us for their wine holidays in the region.

I am convinced in general that both the tourists that decide to book a wine tour and also the wine providers, the wineries, who often spend all their life in producing high quality wines with huge efforts in energies and money, that they both need respect, in the sense that both the parts have the right to be the protagonists of a real and enriching experience. And this can happen only when you – the guide, the organizer, the one-in-the-middle, really know what you’re talking about.

Anyway…as 2011 ended with this wonderful personal wine experience, 2012 is beginning with another great one.
The city of Perugia, infact, is hosting from the 29th January to the 2nd February 2012, the 4th Annual International Wine Tourism Conference & Workshop with “three days with over 40 talks, presentations, panel discussions and workshops combined with opportunities to taste world class wines makes this an experience not to be missed.

And…I will be there, representing my company attending the Conference and, above all, taking part to the BtoB Workshop reserved to the specialized operators.

I’m thrilled. Can’t wait!

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