My gift is everywhere.

There’s a movie I like very much and this is “How the Grinch Stole Christmas“. This movie, as you probably know, tells about the story of this funny creature the Grinch who, hating Christmas, intents on “stealing it”.
I love this film as concerning blog posts I am similar to the Grinch. I don’t like very much sugary posts on Christmas…or maybe, like him, this is simply because I am not able to write on this topic…

Therefore it’s a big, enormous problem when Rebecca, and I’m talking about the one known as Rebecca Brigolante reminds you that the deadline of the Italy Blogging Roundtable’s invitation to post on the topic “gifts” is coming….

However I think to have my “un-Christmassy&Christmassy” post as there’s Italy, a story, gifts, love.

As you all know, Umbria is a very small region situated in the centre of Italy. It’s very green, colour that means nature, beautiful landscapes and campagna (=country). Yes c.o.u.n.t.r.y, all around you, everywhere.

When I was a teen I really hated all this green as it was very “un-cool” at that time. Grown up, as all the Italians born in the 70s, with tv series like Charlie’s Angels, Fame and Miami Vice and charmed (incredible, isn’t it??) by the very first fast food chains that in the 80s tried to change the culinary habits of an entire generation, all my dreams for the future were based on just one plan: excaping from here.

I remember very well my fantasies on living in a big metropolis, better abroad, but in a very big one, yes abroad, as far as possible from this annoying, rural, boring green.
I’m not joking: I choose to study Foreign Languages for this reason: running away.
I also did it : I lived in another country for a while as soon as I got my degree. My very first job, my first agreement I signed, my first bank account was open abroad.

But. When we are far from the things and the places we suppose we don’t appreciate, far from our habits, the “doors of the perception” start slowly opening and we are able to see these things under a very… different light.

When I think to the young girl I was, sometimes it seems that I’m talking about another person. Maybe even the friends and the collegues who know me as a fanatic supporter of Umbria, now they’re thinking I’m joking. For the first 25 years of my life I hated this place.

Then I don’t know what happened and why, maybe, as in many situations of our existence, hate and anger can turn into deep love and devotion with the same intensity.

The best gift is now the opportunity that I have every day to admire these stunning landscapes, walking in the silent narrow streets, relaxing under an olive tree, enjoying a glass of wine with the people I love, my family, my friends and all the nice people I’m so lucky to meet here during their travels.

The best gift I’ve ever received is definitely living here.

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