Frantoi Aperti – Open Oil Mills 2011 – Bloggers’day

We Umbrians say that the first “drink” we are given together with breast milk is extra virgin olive oil.
As you know in our region olive trees are widely cultivated and we can say that our EVOO is one of the best in Italy, not only for its fantastic flavous and aromas but above all, for its high content in polyphenols and Omega 3.

Since our early childhood our mamma have prepared for us the first soups with pastina (the tiny kind of pasta we use for soups or minestrone) with some parmigiano cheese and some good olio to give some flavours to a very simple, healthy and easy baby food.
Growing up we start getting to know more about this great food (yes, for us Umbrians olive oil is not just a dressing, it is a real food), we tried it on the first spaghetti al pomodoro, on top of a nice slice of bruschetta, then in a lentils soup in Winter and in a fabulous insalata mista (salad with tomatoes) in Summer.
Extra virgin olive oil is stricly connected to our heritage and our roots: it’s part of “being Umbrian”.

Even if I’ve been visiting oil mills for years – together with my father we were used to go to a mill here in Todi to press our olives from our small grove (around 70 trees in total)- and doing it quite often for my work now, I’m always so happy to spend some time in these special places when a fruit, as the olive is, is changed, trasformed in around half an hour in a green and fragrant liquid.

Thanks to an invitation from the organizers of Frantoi Aperti “Open Oil Mills” today I had the opportunity to visit two very different mills close to Assisi, to taste the new EVOO just pressed and to spend the day with two of my favourite Umbrian bloggers: Rebecca Winke and Marzia Keller, who are also in charge of the posts of “Umbria on the Blog” project.

Here my pics, unfortunately there’s still not an app for the incredible flavours in the mills….

The “traditional mill”

The modern and high-tech one.

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