Fiera Verde Marsciano (Perugia) : photoreportage

After a long long long and boring boring boring Winter, Spring has finally arrived in Umbria!!
Spring brings here not only nice weather, flowers and the first gelati, but also a huge number of festivals.

Today, thanks to the amazing sunny day, we decided to go to Marsciano, a small town 20 km from Todi, for “Fiera Verde – Tradizioni e Sapori – Mostra del Biologico“, a “green” festival for the promotion of traditions, flavours and organic food.

The location itself is “green” as the fair has been hosted inside and outside a former tabacchificio (=tobacco factory), a very good example of “recycling” an old factory into a new exhibition area.

The fair was really very nice and interesting with a lot of booths of organic food, gardening and hand-made products from Umbria and Italy.


Alpaca sweaters from Umbertide (Perugia)

Hand-made knives from Marsciano

and….. food, food, food !!!!

Two very nice girls selling organic home-made yeast to make bread and Easter cakes

Following the suggestion of a cute maialino (=piglet) who whispered to my suffering liver “magna che te frega” (=eat, don’t care about it), I decided to buy a cartoccio of fritto misto (=mixed fried vegs wrapped in paper), but just because the vendor assured me that all the fritto was organic!

… still not convinced on giving organic – please notice the word organic – fried vegs to my liver…..

But the real reason that pushed me to go to Fiera Verde today was the Degustazione di Mieli (=honeys tasting)!!
Having tasted, even in a professional manner, a lot of EVO Oils, Wines and Cheeses, I couldn’t miss a detailed guided honey tasting of organic -of course- honeys from Umbria and Italy.
I discover that – as we normally do at the wine school for Sommeliers – even the honey is tasted and classified for its colour, smell and taste.
We tasted 4 kinds of honeys. Through the pics that follow you can see the different colours…I am very sorry for the smell and the taste, as I still could not find an app for this……damn!!!!

Miele di Acacia: very light yellow and very delicate

Miele di Arancio: straw yellow with orange scents

Miele Millefiori: amber yellow with flowers scents

Miele di Castagno: dark yellow with a bitter aftertaste

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