Why don’t we go to….Bastardo??

No friends, “Bastardo” is not the word you are thinking about!
In Umbria Bastardo has a very serious historical meaning!

Bastardo infact is a small village located on the road from Todi to Montefalco.
Its very special name -which always makes our clients smile- has very ancient roots as many things here in Umbria.

Leonardo kidding close to Bastardo

Several centuries ago an enterprising fellow, whose mother was “a scarlet woman” or as we Italians politely say “una donna di facili costumi”, set up a stable and an “Osteria” (=inn) here along the Via Flaminia, one of the most important Roman road connecting Rome to the Adriatic sea.

For this reason this place was named “L’Osteria del Bastardo” and afterwords just “Bastardo“.

During the 30s’, some people from Bastardo (=Bastardesi) proposed the community to change this odd name into Villa Romana, Termoelettropoli or Lignilia, but unsuccessfully. Most of the Bastardesi, infact, so fond of “Bastardo”, decided to keep the original appellation.

Now Bastardo is a modern village under the Comune of Giano dell’Umbria, one of the five Municipalities (together with Montefalco, Bevagna, Castel Ritaldi and Gualdo Cattaneo) included in the blessed area of production of the famous red wine “Sagrantino”.

Amazing colours close to Bastardo in Autumn


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