Ode to the fireplace

I don’t know if any Romantic poet has ever written an ode to the fireplace.

Here in Umbria the fireplace, il camino, is not simply an additional ornamental part of a kitchen, here the fireplace is…. a religion!

When Autumn and its first cold days arrive, Umbrian people re-open their caminetti and use them not only to warm their houses up, but mainly to cook.

If you are travelling in Umbria in these days, you will smell the typical aromas of burning wood and, above all, of delicious sausages and pork chops!

my little but absolutely necessary fireplace

One of the first rites that follow the re-opening of a camino is the bruschetta with the new extra-virgin olive oil just pressed…a priceless pleasure for every Umbrian.

…my first original bruschetta with the new oil…


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