Sagra del Pesce at Trasimeno Lake – a wonderful Mid-Summer “eating” night

Sagra del Pesce di Porto, a little village close to Castiglione del Lago (Trasimeno Lake area), is, definitely, one of the best Summer Food Festival here in Umbria.

We discover this amazing event last year, thanks to Anna, a dear friend of us (she’s from the Netherlands, but her heart is always here:), owner of a very nice holiday-house in Porto.

We went to Porto last evening – 8th August- to taste again the traditional local dishes BRUSTICO and TEGAMACCIO, made by fish from the near lakes, very special dishes that you can taste only in this area.

The Sagra

Yesterday night, we not only ate a lot (it is not a surprise when you’re with Discovering Umbria team :), but we had the opportunity to meet the protagonists of this Sagra and to talk with them.

Giorgio, one of the organizers, sit with us for a while and gave us some very impressive data.

Here Giorgio’s amazing tale:
“Sagra del Pesce di Porto was born 25 years ago. This year we are very proud to celebrate this “birthday”. This festival is very important for the inhabitants of Porto- as we work all year round to organize these 10 days of food. And all of us are volunteers!!
Around 200 people live in the little hamlet of Porto during the Summer (including many foreigners – like our friend Anna – who help in the Sagra) and 120 are directly involved in the event.
Every night for 9 days we prepare BRUSTICO and TEGAMACCIO for 800-900 people, and for Ferragosto (15th August) we are waiting for more than 1.000 people.”

“Interviewing” Giorgio


We were really impressed when Giorgio added : “At the end of each Sagra, we see that we have cooked about 3.000 kg of fish!”

This quantity is really huge considering also the fact that both BRUSTICO and TEGAMACCIO are cooked on coal produced ONLY by reeds from the lake and woods, as in the past! In addition, TEGAMACCIO has to be cooked very slowly for 5 long hours.



Thanks to our local “connections” we had the opportunity to visit the kitchens.. and we don’t add any other words to the following photos: everything is cooked on “natural” fire as our Umbrian ancestors did it in ancient times….

A tegamaccio pot saved from our hunger

The coal used to cook tegamaccio for 5 hours

talking with the proud cooks!!

Very proudly (and we are very proud, too) Giorgio added that thanks to a fair agreement between the local Municipality and a company producing recyclable dishware, plates, forks, knives, glasses are all made by “Mater B” a special material by corn and paper and all the drinks are served in bottles made of glass.

The attention to the environment is really the “cherry on the cake” for an unforgettable Mid-Summer eating night in company with the “Heroes of BRUSTICO and TEGAMACCIO”!

the rich menu

Anna, Giorgio and all the warm-hearted people from Porto, thank you so so so much!!!

Sagra del Pesce di Porto ends 15th August 2010. Don’t miss this opportunity to live an authentic Umbrian experience!!

The bottle of wine with the cute picture of the organizers

Porto is a village between the lakes of Chiusi and Trasimeno, on the border between Tuscany and Umbria. It is easy to reach from Chiusi.


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