In Umbria during Easter time there are traditional liturgic rites and religious events. Holy Week Celebrations take place in almost every town in Umbria, but Assisi still remains the most well known due to the associations with St Francis.

Among the many events that takes place during the Holy week, the most important is Good Friday. The church, in commemoration of its origins in the words of Christ, solemnly meditates on the Passion. It celebrates a special liturgy divided into three phases: the Liturgy of the Word celebrated by readings, the adoration of the cross and communion (using Eucharist made the previous day). In the morning, the Crucifix is moved from the Cathredal of San Ruffino to the Basilica of San Francesco stopping at various convents and monasteries along the way. In the evening the Crucifix is carried through torch lit streets. This follows a medieval tradition in which all Confraternities (religious groups) process along the city’s historical center which is entirely lit by torches. The procession takes place in the evening and departs from the Cathedral of San Rufino with the statue of Our Lady of Sorrows, goes to the Basilica of San Francesco then returns to the cathedral.


Since Easter is the end of the Lent season, food plays a big part in the celebrations. Traditional Easter foods include lamb or goat, artichokes, and special Easter cakes and breads called Pizza di Pasqua. Pizza di Pasqua (Easter cake) is prepared with flour, Parmesan and pecorino cheese, eggs and lard, consumed during Easter and usually stuffed with capocollo – one of the many cold cuts of Umbria – or used to accompany hard eggs.
To celebrate this tradition at “Il Palazzo del Gusto” in Orvieto – one of the most important Regional Institution for the preservation of local food and wine production – from the 27th March to the 5th April is taking place the “Pizza di Pasqua challenge”, a competition open both to Professionals and to Amateurs. The best pizza will be rewarded and more….
…..all the “Pizzas”, taking part to the competition are offered as a free tasting to all the visitors who visit “Il Palazzo del Gusto” during the Holy week
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