Grape harvesting 10 days earlier in all over Italy

This year the grape havesting will be brought forward (around 10 days) because of the effects of the very hot Summer. According to Coldiretti (Italian Association of Farmers) the Vendemmia (=grape harvesting) 2009 should be of 47 millions of hectolitres, with a slight increasing of the 5% in comparison to 2008.

This year the production seems to be healthy and there are not any special situations due to deseases.

However – as Coldiretti says– the possibility of high temperatures even in September, could establish particolar problems of suffering in some vineyards and the hot weather could reduce the production.

Neverthless at the moment, due to the global economical breakdown, Italian wine makers seem to be very afraid of the problems on the wine market, which have reduced a lot the medium prices (about -24%) to the final consumer.
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