Umbria: region number 1!

Italy is universally recognized as  the "mecca" of good food and Umbria is one of the 20 regions in the Belpaese who contributes more to this fame.
According to a recent study made in 2017 and repeated in 2018 by TripAdvisor, Umbria has been rated region number one for its food offer by the users of this platform, both international and Italian.
The reason of such enthusiasm stays in the authenticity and the freshness of our products and in the warm-hearts of our local hosts.

[List of recommended places 2019 coming soon]


In Umbria many restaurants, wine-bars and bars could be closed on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday (depending on the day they choose for the weekly closing), especially during the off-season in Fall/Winter/early Spring. Some restaurants have few tables, we always suggest to book in advance. Lunch is in general not provided before 12.30AM and dinner before 7.30PM.
In Italy on Monday museums and monuments are normally closed. Groceries stores/supermakets near the historic centres are open from Monday to Saturday no-stop from 8.30AM to 7.30PM, the biggest ones are also open all day on Sunday.

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