The Lake&the Wine: Corbara

The Lake of Corbara is an artificial basin located between the territories of Orvieto and Todi, along the road that connects these two Umbrian cities. The lake – infact – was originated in the 50s’ […]

“Andar per campi” picking wild herbs in Umbria

Andar per campi does not simply mean “walking in the fields”, but living the experience of walking in the fields, breathing the fresh air, the smells and the aromas of Spring flowers and herbs, enjoying […]

Umbria on the Blog! We’re leaving, follow us!

I’m leaving again for a tour in Umbria, but this time it’s different. Tomorrow together with Federica ,Elena,Federica ,Mirella ,Francesca,Francesca,Michela,Gabriele,Rebecca,Jennifer,Fabiola, Alessio,Marzia I am ready to visit my home-region with a very different point of view: […]

Fiera Verde Marsciano (Perugia) : photoreportage

After a long long long and boring boring boring Winter, Spring has finally arrived in Umbria!! Spring brings here not only nice weather, flowers and the first gelati, but also a huge number of festivals. […]

ITALIA 150 – Happy Birthday old beautiful Lady!

I tried several times in the last weeks to write something original on the celebration that is taking place today 17th March 2011: 150th Anniversary of Unification of our Country, but I wasn’t able to […]

Umbria and Ape Car: another inseparable binomial

Dear friends and readers, in this blog we have discussed about many symbols of Umbria connected to its history, art, food and traditions.This time we would like introducing another “must-see” in Umbria: the Ape Car. […]

Why don’t we go to….Bastardo??

No friends, “Bastardo” is not the word you are thinking about! In Umbria Bastardo has a very serious historical meaning! Bastardo infact is a small village located on the road from Todi to Montefalco. Its […]

Tribute to His Majesty the Pork

I am really sorry for all my “veg” friends and readers but Umbria and Pork are definitely an inseparable binomial. The tradition of pork production in Umbria is very ancient.The word “Norcino”, an expert in […]


Launched at “Salone del Gusto 2010” held last October in Turin, finally the new and “revolutionary” guidebook “Slow Wine 2011” by Slow Food is now available in Italy. Every region is organizing an event to […]

Ode to the fireplace

I don’t know if any Romantic poet has ever written an ode to the fireplace. Here in Umbria the fireplace, il camino, is not simply an additional ornamental part of a kitchen, here the fireplace […]