Arrivederci 2017!

Christmas holidays in Italy: time to relax for us and to start planning the next tourist season!

Our off-season:Olive picking
As you all left our region, beginning of November, we picked our olives at our olive little grove (pictures below) in Todi area. Despite the extreme heat of Summer 2017  – that many of you have “luckily experienced”  – and the lack of water, the quantity of olive was fine and the quality really exceptional!
Thanks to the high temperature, many insects and, in particular, the “fly of the olives” couldn’t survive during Summer. Result: we gathered perfect fruits.
We’re waiting for you in 2018 for a memorable bruschetta and a glass of Grechetto wine , don’t miss it, eh! 

Ph. credits Loop events

Christmas in Todi
For this festive period LOOP Events, a local association, in cooperation with the Municipality, has set a very nice ice-skating rink in the main Piazza, already opened to locals and tourists. This year the rink is all around a beautiful Christmas tree in the centre of Piazza del Popolo, for a unique ice-path around the square.
Thanks to special lights and video mapping, the historic buildings are the screen for spectacular play of colour and effects.

10th yr anniversary
This year Leonardo and I, we celebrate the 10th year of Discovering Umbria, a project that has been able to face several international and national issues happened in this decade and to grow only thanks to YOU and your TRUST.

If you have already visited Umbria with us in the past years, contact us to get our Special 10yrs discount for you or for a friend of you….or both!


Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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