Sagra del Pesce – Lake fish festival at Trasimeno 7-15/08/2010

Lovers of Umbrian food traditions, if you are travelling in the region, this is the Sagra (=food festival) that you should not miss!!

From the 7th to the 15th August the little hamlet of Porto (close to Castiglione del Lago) on Trasimeno Lake will host the 25th Sagra del Pesce!!

The main dishes that you can taste are BRUSTICO AND TEGAMACCIO.

BRUSTICO is grilled fish served with the special extra-virgin olive oil from Trasimeno. Do you know that the olive trees that grow around this lake are special trees? The variety is called “Dolce Agogia” and they are typical of this area.
The legend tells that BRUSTICO was loved by Etruscans!!


TEGAMACCIO is a fish soup made by all the fish varieties living in Trasimeno Lake, especially the tasty “anguilla” (=eel). Preparing a TEGAMACCIO takes long time and a lot of work.
In PORTO you can taste the original ancient recipe passed down from generation to generation during the centuries.


Moreover every dinner (the kitchens open at 7PM every evening, on the 15th August at 12AM) is followed by a “serata danzante” with popular live music and dances.

Sagra del Pesce di Porto is definitely one of the best food festival that you can find in Umbria. It is a small sagra, organized by a group of warm-hearted local people to celebrate – and to share with us – their ancient traditions.

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